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Types Of Hair Fibers Used In Wig

Beautiful and lustrous hair is what girls dream of, but not many are blessed with them. To get the desired length and texture, they prefer using wigs. In Washington, you can find a huge range in hair extensions to get natural-looking hairs. They can also be worn daily or for styling hairs for a party. The wigs enhance your natural hair as you can make different styles. Apart from wigs, you can also get braids in Washington, DC.

When you are choosing a hair extension, wig, or hairpiece, it is important to look for hair fibers that suit you. Here are some hair fibers given below.

Synthetic hair fibers

It is the man-made hair fibers. There are different types of synthetic fibers like polyvinyl chloride, acrylic, kanekalon, toyokalon and polyester. They are pre-designed and pre-styled and maintain the look for a long time. They are water and heat resistant and so you can maintain your hairstyle in adverse conditions. They are affordable and easy to wear as well. The kanekalon synthetic fiber is protein-rich. There are varieties of colors available from natural colors to fantasy colors. The colors will not oxidize even in direct sunlight.

Human hair fibers

these are 100 percent human hairs. You can easily cut, wash and colored them. They are durable and allow you to style them as you want. You can also wear them for daily use, as they are safe and comfortable to wear. Human hair wigs can also be customized. It allows your scalp to breathe well. These wigs are the best option for those who have sensitive hairs.


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